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Bostik Blu Tack 45g (Pack Of 2)

Product Description :
Blu Tack® is the original reusable adhesive that provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape, with thousands of uses around the home, office and school environment. It is a permanently plastic, reusable multipurpose adhesive and modelling material that is pliable and non-toxic, making it safe for all the family to mold, stick and play.

It’s formula is a manufacturing secret, but Blu Tack it can be described as a synthetic rubber compound without hazardous properties (under normal conditions). It’s non-carcinogenic, non-soluble and is denser than water.
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Product Details

  • Blu Tack® is a non-toxic, non-harmful substance and will not cause any problems if swallowed, only mild discomfort. If any discomfort experienced continues, we recommend seeking medical advice

  • Blu Tack is proudly made in Australia, since 1971

  • Blu Tack® is great for both children and adults, however we advise not giving it to children under the age of three

  • 0.5 grams of Blu Tack® will hold an approximate 105 gram load, but Blu Tack® is not designed to hold heavy objects

  • To store, pop Blu Tack into a tightly closed container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location

  • Blu Tack® is not tested on animals, nor does it contain ingredients made from animals or byproducts of animals.

  • It’s free from food ingredients such as wheat, gluten, flour, eggs or nut products, and starch derived from corn

  • If a room or surface conditions are too hot (over 70°C), Blu Tack® will soften and become more difficult to secure items in place

  • Removing Blu Tack can sometimes be a little more complicated than simply peeling it off. If the paint on your walls is too thin, it may peel off with the Blu Tack, and if the wall surface is at all porous, oils from the adhesive can seep into it. Careful cleaning can generally take care of these stains and leave the walls unblemished.

Have you gotten Blu Tack stuck in your hair? Pour a decent amount of baby oil onto the area where the Blu Tack is stuck. Work the baby oil into the Blu Tack, but don't try and pull it the Blu Tack out yet! Leave the baby oil to soak in for about 5 minutes, then you should be able to pull the Blu Tack out.

Recommended Uses

Blu Tack® can be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic, as well as painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper. For best performance, surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from grease or loose materials. Ideal for a thousand and one uses including: 

  • Create 3D models

  • Create fantastic murals on your window or wall

  • Hold up posters

  • Cards 

  • Children's paintings 

  • Certificates 

  • Party decorations 

  • Maps 

  • Messages

  • Hold telephones, mouse mats and calculators in place

  • Hold ornaments to shelves, photos in albums, screws to screw drivers

  • Holds model parts in position for painting or gluing and picture frames straight

  • Safely store pins, keys, screws and other small objects

  • Use in floral arrangements to keep flowers in place

  • Clean fluff from fabric and dirt from computers, model railway tracks or remove dust from hard to get at places

  • Use as a putty to block out breezes

Designed to stick to:

  • Non-porous surfaces

  • Vinyl

  • Coated wallpaper

  • Painted surfaces

  • Glass

  • Metal

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