Your Convenience, Our Priority

Pacific Bookstores is a household name to Singaporean children and parents. Since 1976, we have been serving countless schools and students, many whom have grown to become parents themselves today. Staying true to our commitment towards innovation and service excellence, Pacific eShop is a new initiative to bring true convenience to you.

Convenience at the Core

Launched in 2015, Pacific eShop adopts modern technological advances into our operations, hence reducing the amount of time spent on queuing and supply sourcing.

With the launch of Pacific eShop, your convenience is at the core of our service. Utilising our strong business infrastructure, supply network and expertise, Pacific eShop seeks to provide our customers with added value services and convenience.

One-Stop Service Station

Convenience does not come in a scattered package. Pacific eShop works with our trusted suppliers to provide seamless integration of delivery from a one-stop service station. Besides a wide range of quality education supplies and materials, you can now have office supplies, electronic gadgets, accessories and more, delivered at your comfort.

Corporate customers will also benefit from an efficient procurement system. With vast product offerings, corporate accounts and purchase records, you can now have all your supplies in one place.

Quality at a Reasonable Price

Keeping quality standards in check, the reduced overhead costs from storefronts allow us to pass on the savings. At Pacific eShop, we seek to provide quality supplies at a reasonable price structure.

Shop now - Convenience doesn't always come with a hefty price tag!